During a lunch discussion back on May 28, 2011 between Sean (Commodore Computer Club Founder) and Kevin Savetz the idea to expand the CCC to cover other retro computers came up.

Later that day Sean registered the Retro Computing Club domain name and setup the Twitter account for the proposed co-hosted club. Not much happened with the domain name for 2 years since the CCC website was covering both clubs, so it was not renewed in 2013.

Fast forward to the July 4, 2014 Commodore Computer Club meeting and the idea came up again to make it more official to support other retro computers besides Commodore brands, so Sean re-registered the Retro Computing Club domain name on July 22, 2014 and this site was put back online.

Long-time Comodore Computer Club members and friends started co-hosting Retro Computing Club meetings in Vancouver, WA at the same time, place, etc. as of the October 2014 C64 Club meeting.

The Retro Computing and Video Game Club is an extension of the Commodore Computer Club meetings.

Check out the Retro Computing Club meetings page for more information.