From time to time we get inquiries on whether or not we accept donations to our Pacific Northwest Retro Computing Club.

The short answer: Yes, we gladly accept donations to our club which can be in the form of money (cash, checks or PayPal), hardware (working or not), software, books or magazines.

Some might be wondering “what happens with the items that get donated” to us? Here is a list of what we do with some of our donations:

  • Shared or traded with club members
  • Sold to raise money for the group
  • Given to youth centers or disadvantaged kids
  • Happily used at club meetings and events
  • Some hardware used for repair parts or service

If you’re are interested in retro computer or video game items going to a good cause by making a donation to help support the club, please contact us.

Any donations big or small, it all helps. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Note: Donations list maintained by the Commodore Computer Club.